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Real Estate
Real Estate Donations
The Can Do Spirit can accept charitable gifts of Real Estate as part of their diversified funding plan. We collaborate with a nationally recognized expert who assists in the education of community members and organizations in answering their questions related to charitable gifting of Real Estate. Donations can come from anywhere in the world.

As a nonprofit which specializes in accepting and processing Real Estate donations from direct donors, the Can Do Spirit can also facilitate Real Estate donations for other charities that do not have the expertise or ability to process such transactions.

There are many benefits to donating your appreciated, non-performing or under-performing property. In addition to being part of the solution, helping our Veterans & their caregiver/families as they transition home after a catastrophic accident, there can be a great tax incentive.

We recently added a new leg to our team that can acquire less than desirable properties, flip them to increase the value & our nonprofit has a greater benefit from the donation while helping the surrounding community.

Your charitable gift of Real Estate is a win-win-win.

We accept primary residence, vacation homes, investment properties, commercial properties, farm land, undeveloped land, & even real estate notes (no time shares).

*A gift to a qualified charitable organization may entitle the donor to a charitable contribution deduction against your income tax if you itemize deductions. If the gifts are deductible, the actual cost of the donation is reduced by your tax savings which translates into fewer taxes to pay.*

There are many effective ways to donate Real Estate to the Can Do Spirit. Each way meets particular needs of different donors.

Outright Giving: This is the easiest way to facilitate a Real Estate donation. You basically say, “Here is my property. Keep it or sell it, as you wish.” By doing so you have just eliminated:
* Your Capital Gains tax issues
*Upkeep & maintenance concerns are solved.
*The complicated and messy selling process.
* And as a bonus—your legacy will live on through the work of Battlefield to Boardroom **need info? Or link to what this is?**

Bargain Sale: Such a gift requires that you sell the property to the Can Do Spirit for substantially less than its current fair market value. This shows a clear intent to donate rather than an intent to receive a financial benefit, which would nullify any charitable deduction. A Bargain Sale would also occur when donated property is encumbered by a mortgage.

Retained Life Estate: Allows you to make a present gift to the Can Do Spirit, while retaining the right to live in your home or farm. You avoid capital gains taxation & receive an immediate charitable deduction for a portion of the property’s fair market value. You are still responsible for all expenses.

This gift is also quite flexible. For example, if you don’t want to live there anymore you can lease it out & receive rent (with approval of the Can Do Spirit). You can donate the remaining life interest to the charity & receive another tax deduction. Finally, you & the Can Do Spirit can agree to sell the property & you will receive the present value of your life estate. Should this occur there will be some capital gains realized.

Charitable Reminder Trust: Where there are a few different types of Charitable Reminder Trusts. With the Can Do Spirit, this type of trust allows you to donate appreciated assets to the trust & receive an income stream, defer or eliminate capital gains, & reduce estate taxes.
Relatively few charities & nonprofits accept Real Estate donations. We at the Can Do Spirit work with well-known professionals in the field who are familiar with the real estate donation process.

Do you have another preferred charity that you’d like to support, but they do not accept Real Estate, have them call us! We are happy to handle the total transaction including any liabilities & give your preferred charity a percentage of the donation.

It would be our honor to work with Donors to fulfill their final wishes to secure the financial needs of their families after they’ve gone, while helping us to continue our important work. We are committed to helping craft a gift in a manner that continues a personal legacy & monetary security for their loved ones.